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Massive Dynamic Sweden

Positioned at the heart of Stockholm, MDS is a dynamic and creative team within the global information technology arena, renowned for our multidisciplinary prowess and innovative solutions. Our proficiency in software development, data science and digital training, equips us to tackle a wide range of societal challenges with unparalleled precision and innovation.


With a team that brings together ambitious project managers, engineers, developers, and consultants, we are committed to leveraging our diverse skill sets to foster advancements across multiple sectors. Focused on confronting global and societal hurdles such as climate change mitigation, healthcare challenges, enhancing accessibility in education, and contributing to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we are dedicated to applying our IT expertise across a wider spectrum of initiatives.


By doing so, we aim to drive significant advancements and deliver sustainable solutions that have a lasting, positive impact on society and the planet. By situating ourselves at the intersection of technology and societal development, MDS emphasizes its commitment to driving significant, positive change.

We are dedicated to making a difference with each solution we devise, ensuring that our impact resonates across industries and borders.

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Gävlegatan 16, 11330 Stockholm


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