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Our Story

Massive Dynamic Sweden AB was founded in 2020 by Sokratis Nifakos and Natalia Stathakarou, both researchers in the field of medical informatics and medical education. Today we are a group of passionate researchers and developers that strives to be creative and deliver innovative solutions. We're always interested to explore new ideas, projects and to grow as a team, so if you're passionate about your research, bring your thesis and work with us.

The Team

Natalia Stathakarou

Co-Founder | R&D Director

Natalia Stathakarou, Co-founder of MDS is the RnD director. She is a PhD candidate at Karolinska Institutet funded by the Swedish Armed Forces and she holds a Master's Degree in Health Informatics from the same University. Her research interests fall within the field of education technologies to advance decision making in military medicine.  She has extensive experience of national and international research projects and especially Erasmus+ projects.
Natalia has also participated in the currently largest military medicine exercise organized by NATO in April 2019, Vigorous Warrior, in Romania, focusing on training with simulation. Other interests involve developing virtual scenarios, as well as storyboarding and reusable learning objects. Natalia also has a strong publication record.

Eleni Kotali

Product Owner | Technical Lead

Eleni Kotali works as the Product Owner and Technical Leader for MDS. She is an Electrical and Computer Engineer (MEng), with specialization in Electronics & Software Engineering. Her research interests include Computer Vision, Image Processing and Machine Learning.
Eleni has experience in both technical and commercial positions in different kinds of working environments. She has worked on several EU Research Projects in engineering and managing positions as well as in Product Development.
Her responsibilities include Product Design & Technical Requirement Definition,  R&D Software Development, Task Management and Team Coordination.

Sokratis Nifakos

Co-Founder | Business Development Director

Sokratis Nifakos, co-founder. Sokratis has a background in computer science and social sciences with specialization in networks and telecommunications. He received his M.Sc in Medical Informatics from Karolinska Institutet/Stockholm University in 2014 and currently he is a Licentiate candidate at Karolinska Institutet in the field of social engineering. He has a strong track record in consultation and software engineering  (e-health systems, mobile applications) as well as in management of large scale projects. His particular areas of technical expertise are in the architecture and software development in concept and design for cloud based services, mobile web, iOS, and Android applications.

Timo Kasig

Software Engineer | E-Health and Digital Education System Specialist

Timo holds a bachelor's degree in computer science with a focus on robotics and automatization from RWU Weingarten, Germany. During his studies he  was working for Worldline Germany and ZF Friedrichshafen in various fields. He has developed skills in programming, networking, data centres, operating systems.Since August 2021, he is studying Health Informatics at Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently in MDS he is working on the Erasmus+ project INCIDENCE - promotINg Cyber-hygIene in eDucation through sEcuring distaNCe lEarning with focus on implementing a gamification and scenario-based learning platform for teaching cyber and security awareness.

Philippos Orfanoudakis

Machine Learning Engineer

Philippos Orfanoudakis works as a Machine Learning Engineer for MDS. He holds a M.Eng in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a MSc in Data Science and Machine Learning, both from the National Technical University of Athens.

His professional career started as a research assistant, where he was responsible for creating Deep Learning architectures for vision applications. He then gained experience as a software and biomedical engineer working on projects focusing on medical applications.
More specifically, he had the opportunity to set up and optimize experimental simulation environments as well as create physics-assisted Deep Learning frameworks. His area of expertise includes: Machine Learning/Deep Learning mainly for images and video, R&D Software Development.

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