We are involved in EU projects, funded by Erasmus+ and H2020, leading tasks in research and development of augmented and virtual reality applications and wearable technologies and mobile applications development

LifeChamps is a collective Intelligence Platform to support Cancer Champions. We are delivering a novel, context-aware and large scale analytics framework capable of delivering multidimensional Quality of Life (QoL) support to all the different cancer patients during and after their treatments.

SHIFT Horizon Europe

SHIFT is strategically conceived to deliver a set of loosely coupled, technological tools, that offers cultural heritage institutions the
necessary impetus to stimulate growth, and embrace the latest innovations in AI, machine learning, multi-modal data processing, digital content transformation methodologies, linguistic analysis of historical records, and the use of haptics interfaces to effectively  communicate new experiences to all citizens (including people with disabilities).

RESPOND-A envisions at exercising 1st Responders for getting familiar with the project technological outcomes, and demonstrating their real-world performance and effectiveness in the classified training facilities of 1st Responders under hydrometeorological, geophysical and technological disaster scenarios.


The project aims to address the challenges of the digital education in two different levels: firstly, by introducing a cybersecurity course in  higher education to promote good hygiene practices; secondly, by offering an eLearning toolkit, incorporating recent advances in cybersecurity.

SILVANUS Horizon Europe

SILVANUS envisages to deliver an environmentally sustainable and climate resilient forest management platform through innovative capabilities to prevent and combat against the ignition and spread of forest fires. The platform will cater to the demands of efficient resource utilisation and provide protection against threats of wildfires.