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Education and Crisis Management 

Using modern pedagogical techniques we aim to advance the education and the awareness in key subject areas. Our main methodological technique is based on scenario based learning (SBL) that introduces interactivity and improves the decision-making in various levels.  


INCIDENCE (promotINg Cyber-hygIene in eDucation through sEcuring distaNCe lEarning) is an Erasmus+ funded project under the jey action 2 ''Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices''. 

INCIDENCE aims to support addressing challenges of the digital education, such as those that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to prepare learners and educators to conduct remotely, meaningful and safe, digital learning activities.

INCIDENCE aims to address the challenges of the digital education in two different levels: firstly, by introducing a cybersecurity course in the giher education to promote good hygiene practises; secondly, by offering an eLearning toolkit, incorporating recent advances and requirements in security and authentication, and reflecting on modern pedagogies, that can be used by educators to support the deliver their courses digitally.

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